on trust.

Committed to making personal data sharing a valuable, safe experience.

Joanne CooperManaging Director

Trust concerns are on the rise in our digital economy with increased personal data exposures and privacy breaches now a regular occurrence with malicious or poor data protection practices eroding consumer confidence. Individuals have often been left to grapple with how they can adequately self secure, manage and share their personal information through countless connected services and systems.

This is what compelled Joanne Cooper, the founder of Australian Data Exchange to develop, collaborate and represent world leading Privacy Enhancing or Preserving Technologies. Through comprehensive consumer centric data sharing platforms Australian Data Exchange upholds global leadership around consumer data rights to accelerate the data economy with advanced solutions that enable the safe exchange of personal data with Governments or Business whilst empowering consumers.

Global reach.

By collaborating and collectively forging advancements in global digital transformation, Australian Data Exchange has secured an array of partnerships offering state of the art technology platforms spanning the UK, USA, Asia and Australia so that our clients can cohesively access what we believe is best of breed solutions focused on safe and privacy preserving personal data sharing.


Innovation never stops, so we provide industry advocacy led under our holding Company ID Exchange across a variety of direct Government submissions or peak industry associations to address digital or data driven regulations.

Our mission is to showcase human centered and emerging technologies which reinforce democracy, human freedoms and permissioned personal data use for societal good. We strive to play are role with the intention to achieve a safe and digitally rich future for all.