Regaining control of your personal or sensitive data

Why we started

Trust concerns are on the rise in our digital economy. Data exposures and privacy breaches appear to be a regular occurrence, impacting all walks of life. Leaving consumers to grapple with how to best secure, manage and share personal information through countless connected devices and systems.

Protecting the public and especially the vulnerable in our community such as children and seniors is what compelled the Founders of ID Exchange to develop simple Privacy Enhancing Technology and partner with emerging platforms that offer Privacy and Consent core to their systems design. Alongside Data API’s and Consent services we are introducing new ways for individuals, businesses and even government to activate digital access rights with automated complex compliance processes and data portability to make sharing data easier and more trusted by consumers.

How we secure your data

We understand the importance of placing personal data assets back in your hands and increasing the individuals controls. The platforms and services represented by ID Exchange, Australian Data Exchange, partnerships and product brands do not seek to hold Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Sensitive Information (SI). The Australian Data Exchange brand aims to introduce a comprehensive range of aligned technologies whereas data sharing is secure, consented and fully encrypted whilst in transit or at rest.

Offerings showcase a range of advanced technologies including integration of Privacy Enhancing Technologies, Decentralised Data Sharing Platforms, Consent Management Platforms, API Services, Interoperability, B2B and B2B2C Data Exchange plus integrated implementation and consulting services through our best in class partnerships enabling – privacy, protection, power.

ID Exchange Pty Limited offers a range of platforms, products and services supported by the following brands.