Accelerate hyper-personalised consumer centric data services.

Interoperable personal data
directly from the consumer as the permissioned source.

  • Consented: Integrated Consent Management Platform ensures trusted data exchanges.
  • Interoperable: Seamless data sharing between multiple proprietary sources.
  • Affordable:’s plug-and-play platform bypasses costly systems builds.
  • Scalable: Built as an intermediated global personal data facilitation grid.
  • Fast: Developer tools designed to get you to revenue in days not months.

Fast track your Fintech, InsurTech, MedTech, AdTech or consumer app today with’s plug and play platform

  • Sdk
  • API’s
  • Data
  • Compute
  • Borderless
  • Consent
  • Privacy

Watch’s technical briefing on core architecture principles

Play with our finance “Starter App” code to learn
then structure your own product.

Starter Apps with
downloadable source code

  • An SDK is great, but starter apps with free downloadable source code are even better
  • We wanted to see what developers could do once liberated from having to worry about security, privacy and scrubbing data, so our SocialSafe
  • Incubator built a bunch of apps that demonstrate the power of Private Sharing and the SDK
  • You can take a whole app or just some of the reusable components and freely copy and incorporate them into your own
  • We have online tutorials that explain how we built the apps so you can learn on your own
  • Of course, white gloves support is always available from our Services team
  • If you prefer, our certified third party development partners are trained and able to do the work for you – from design to coding

Harmonised Rich Data
from users

  • Let do the hard work of integrating and normalising data sources while you innovate on the best data available about a user
  • 1,000s of data integrations across Social, Medical, Financial, Health & Fitness and Music & Entertainment
  • A single user can have 10,000s of rich, accurate, compliant data points with nearly real-time updates
  • We harmonise all data according to a common ontology and deliver in a single developer-friendly JSON file format
  • will maintain the integrations so you don’t have to
  • Our Services team is available to help you prepare your own data and IT systems for giving or getting data

Compliant data made easy for businesses and consumers

It’s not just that laws like GDPR are changing how you must handle data, your users expect their data and privacy to be respected. They also want their date to provide maximum value, benefits and convenience for them.

Details delivers
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Source richer, wider, and accurate personal data
direct from consumers

  • Icelandic Health System
  • iconBlue Button Coming Soon
  • iconHackensack Univ. Medical Centre
  • iconCerner
  • iconEpic
  • iconNHS

Medical Records

  • We support systems and standards including CDA, HL7 FHIR, BlueButton, EMIS, Epic, Cerner and NHS as well as proprietary formats with 1,000s of connected providers
  • Countries currently available include US, UK and Iceland
  • Example data types include allergies, conditions, procedures, immunization records, prescriptions and medications, and many more
  • Get production data from patients now and skip the average 9-month approval process
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Social data

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Flickr
  • Posts, comments, reactions, media and more
  • Because it’s sourced directly from individuals, data is free from limitations imposed by social media platforms
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  • icon
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  • icon
  • and
    1,000s more

Financial data

  • Access financial transactions from 1,000s of banks and financial institutions without complex legal agreements and up-front monthly minimums
  • All major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery and others
  • Individual purchases and transactions along with merchant names and amounts, categories and balances

Financial data

  • Fitbit and Garmin
  • Steps, calories, exercise types and duration, sleep and badges
  • Near real-time data streams in every time app is opened
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NUAI Services – AI as a Service (AaaS) is an innovative Artificial Intelligence service company that provides customised business-centric AI solutions that empower businesses to scale and grow.

We provide end-to-end business solutions that unleash the power of AI. Whether you build Fintech, healthtech, AR/VR, self-driving cars, blockchain, mobile apps, and robots, or want to turn your data into a powerful selling machine with chatbots, personalised recommendations like TikTok and Netflix. We also help to protect you business with fraud detection or passive-liveness identity verification.

We make simple, flexible and business-ready AI solutions that comply with Australian Ethical Frameworks. NUAI’s AI is simple and fast enough to achieve a Billion-user scale.

Customised AI Solution

Complete Customised AI Solutions that fit seamlessly with your business. End-to-end working pipeline with AI Models that build for your business. Co-building an IP protected competitive advantage for your business.

Flexible AI Solution

Using our pre-build modular AI models to implement in your business solutions. Or using selective modules of our service that suit your business needs.

AI Consulting & Advice

Learn about how AI can accelerate your business growth. Help with your current AI strategies partnerships, or help you set up your AI strength in the marketplace.

Pricing for Get Data service

Start up option For startups that have raised less than $10M or that have less than $1M revenue, the Get Data service may be used at no cost. Contact us for more information, or if you think you should qualify without meeting these criteria.
Data transfer fees The lesser of: – $0.15 per data transfer, max $4.50 per user/app/year; or – 7.5% revenue share on fees you charge for your app or app-related service. All universal prices quoted are in $US Dollars.
Bulk discounts More than 250K monthly users qualify for discounts. Please contact us.
Customer service Included (premium service option available)

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