Open Banking API and apps

A cost-effective Product Data API to launch
banks and ADIs into Open Banking.

Quickly comply with your CDR Product Data Open Banking obligations.

Eliminate CDR development costs and avoid costly integration with core banking software.

Level the playing field by aligning with the BIG banks through a cost-effective managed Product Data service straight out of the box.

Affordable, turn-key compliance with no lock in contacts.

Compare Australian public banking
Product Data with our free testing tool
available to banks and ADIs

With our exclusive banking Product Data testing tool in action, banks and ADIs will be able to see how their Product Data presents.

To preview banking Product Data in the SISS sandbox + API at no cost to you, contact the support team at at

Now unlock customer value exchange
in Open Banking via allows the richest, most comprehensive and most accurate data about a person to be used with advanced analytics and machine learning in a responsible and sustainable framework. also greatly reduces the costs and risks of having to protect data and ensure privacy, allowing companies to focus on what they do best.

Start now by accessing the SDK here.

ID Exchange is the exclusive partner of for Australia & New Zealand. Contact our sales team at

DXC Technology To thrive in the complex and competitive financial market, financial services firms need products and services that work for 21st century customers.

Scale and secure your digital efforts and deliver the financial services of tomorrow with DXC Technology’s solutions and our robust partner ecosystem.

Build value exchange apps with
multiple data sources.

Financial data

  • Access financial transactions from 1,000s of banks and financial institutions without complex legal agreements and up-front monthly minimums
  • All major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery and others
  • Individual purchases and transactions along with merchant names and amounts, categories and balances

Financial Insights

Consolidate all your bank accounts and visually display real-time financial data.
Provide real-time suitable and timely offers from multiple sectors.

Instant Loan

Get instant loan approval using to safely share all your finance history required for a loan. Reduce risk, improve customer onboarding and increase margins.

Financial Health

Aggregate all your financial accounts and see your available funds to next payday. Continuous monitoring of customer financial health for greater loyalty and revenue conversions.

Real-time Insurance

Speed up your onboarding and get automated quotes. Insurers gain greater insight into appropriate cover and lower the portfolio risk.

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