Consumer Data Rights

In the digital economy your electronic consent will be a record of compliance which needs to be self managed, audited and tracked.

It is important to raise your digital understanding in our connected world. Our aim is to help you by developing tools that make it safe and easy to centrally control and record data consent notifications or permissions (Opt In or Opt Out) that you action online. As you provide consent you are not always given a consent receipt, so it’s difficult to remember what you have agreed to and why. We seek to resolve this so you can view a dashboard of decisions that protect or empower your digital choices.

For now, we suggest you inform yourself on comprehensive rights that encompass privacy and data protections laws which are legislated by your Country and established to protect citizens.

Please take time to understand :

– Privacy Rights

– The Right to Know

– The Right to Access

– The Right to be Forgotten

– Data Protection Law’s

– eSafety programs

At ID Exchange we believe it’s everyone’s right to have a digitally enriched life.

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