Privacy Protection Power

Personal data is the raw material powering our fourth industrial revolution.

ID Exchange provides products to safely unlock the value of personal data exchanges and access rights between business and consumers.

Consentry Covid-19

Healthy people, safe locations 14 day free trial
Get staff back to work safely through anonymised employee and visitor intelligence.

Powerful B2B2C data-sharing platform
Drive your customer value exchange with richer, wider and accurate personal data sources shared with user consent.

SISS Data Services

Turn-key Open Banking Product API
Banks, ADIs and Fintechs – join open banking immediately with this CDR-compliant API from only $3500 per month.

Consent as a Service

  • Unified

Consumer-centric privacy instruments with automated legislation for Opt Out and compliant Opt In access.


As a fundamental human right, consent is a powerful gatekeeper to control the access to your unique and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).


Managing your identity and digital footprints will reduce the risk of cyber threats, data misuse, data resale and potential reputational damage.


It’s your digital identity, so you should control access rights through informed decision making to ensure you’re maximising the value of your data.