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Opt In – Consent Marketplace Services

Your personal data is set to ignite a multi trillion dollar personal data economy.

Opt In Exchange is a marketplace concept in development whereas consumers can assert self-control of their own personal data use, with the ability to easily search across a range of Opt In Exchange marketplace promoted products or services. Consumers will be presented a variety of new and exciting value exchanges promoted by various industry sectors within the app’s ecosystem.

Under your own self-determinations, individuals will be able to choose when and how they wish to Opt In for specific personal data sharing to enable tailored offers by promoters using the service. Personal data can only be accessed by a integrated promoter when an individual consents to direct access to defined specific data sets ported under self-controlled personal information which the individual has regained, synced and self-aggregated from known data holders. This personal data is securely stored in the individuals mobile device or encrypted (decentralised) cloud based storage – data wallet integrated for use by the Opt In Exchange.

With your expressed consent, businesses using the Opt In Exchange can now compliantly offer individuals personalised products or services via direct access to richer, wider, interoperable multi sector personal data sets. This provides businesses permissioned access to direct to consumer first party data to analyse (with privacy maintained) therefore preventing the use of non permissioned, inferred, inaccurate or stale data which we believe is not best practice.

Consumer offers promoted on the future Opt In Exchange marketplace will only be activated when an individual has successfully signed into the ecosystem and asserts an authorised and verified expressed Opt In consent instruction to the service promoting a specific value exchange. Businesses offering value exchanges on the Opt In Exchange must comply with the app’s strict terms of use which assures the promoter has met local regulatory, data sharing and privacy legislation mandates.

Tokenised consent certificates used within the Opt In Exchange outline to individuals how their personal data will be use, what data sets are needed, data access time periods, plus benefits the user will receive through the promoted value exchanges. Marketplace users will be provisioned with the right to easily Opt Out of offers alongside an integrated consent dashboard so the user can easily audit activate or redacted permissions.

To utilise this planned service and help business promoters or app developers become data sharing compliant (as stipulated under Data Protection and Privacy legislation) the Opt In Exchange plans to represent a range of compliant and secure plug-and-play data exchange services so businesses can cost effectively enter the ecosystem by utilising safe, ethical, scalable and trusted infrastructure.

Opt Out – Consent as a Service features:

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