Consent is your new asset

Your Once-static Identity Has Morphed Into A Digital Form. The Real Cause For Public Concern Is The Fact That So Many Organisations Want To Collect This Primary Data.

Massive amounts of personal information is passed, processed and used in the public and private sector as we edge closer to the nirvana of an open-data society. Yet, as in any industrial revolution, we must be mindful of emerging risks and increasing benefits to us as individuals.

By leveraging new technologies, ID Exchange is crafting tools for a connected society to enable the interplay, security and ownership of your important digital identity. With social advocacy in mind, we will simplify the process of providing consent so you are educated about your rights, choices and opportunities.

Innovation in privacy

ID Exchange will soon be releasing our advanced Opt Out and Opt In tool designed to help control your personal data (Comprehensive Rights).
When you Opt In via ID Exchange we will automate the processing of your verified consent in a secure, transparent and compliant manner and record this action in your dashboard with a Consent Receipt providing you an electronic proof of evidence record. Before you provide your consent, we encourage you to understand the terms of use, value and who the data holder states they will share your Personal information with.
A verified Opt Out request via ID Exchange will instruct the data holder to de-identify your Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This notification asks for the deletion of your name, address, email, gender, data of birth, contact number and any other PII data as stipulated under Privacy legislation. Often for this to be accepted by the data holder it must be compliant with data collection “consent” regulation and the terms of the data holders Privacy Policy to which you agreed unless your jurisdictional law finds the collection was not obtained in an appropriate manner.

For our digital society


Assisting you to regain control of your digital identity and empower your personal data sharing, making it easier to assert the Right to Know, the Right to be Forgotten and de-identification within the bounds of the Privacy legislation.


Automated verified consent processes to satisfy regulated compliance controls, driving efficiencies for data handling risks. Introducing consent receipt technology for both the data holder and credential owner with proof of evidence via advanced Opt Out and Opt In instruments.


Enabling legislation and regulation that supports the digital economy and promotes the consumers “Comprehensive Rights” aligned to Government Policy, Codes of Conduct, Privacy by Design Principles and governance frameworks for compliant open data flows.

Our Partner

Learn what your data can do for you?

ID Exchange Partners in Australia with in order to build a stronger consent economy. allows you to bring all your data together into your own secure library. You choose which sources to add to your library – such as social networks, finance or health – and requests the data from them.

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